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A Common Upload button for 5 different File Upload controls



I am making use of the Flajaxian tool for the purpose of asynchronous file upload and I had a couple of things to be achieved. They are as follows :
  1. A common upload button for the upload of 5 different files selected from the 5 different file uploads as shown in the image in the attachment with the standard Upload and Cancel button for each file upload rendered not visible at any time. This button is a standard ASP.Net button control with CSS, on click of this button the file uploads should be processed and the selected files be stored to a particular location.
  2. A common container for enlisting the files selected by the 5 different file upload controls (the maximum file limit for each file upload is only 1 file as per requirement).
  3. The standard Browse button should only be enabled by the influence of drop down for Type before each file upload. If the values is ---Please Select--- then the standard Browse button should be disabled, else for any other value the Browse button should be enabled and the standard Upload and Cancel button should be not visible at any point of time.
Please find the image in the attachment for your reference. Any help would be really appreciated.


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